Candle Wraps

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Dress up your candles for the holidays with interchangeable Candle Wraps. They are Velcroed together for easy removal.  Make your wrap any width you want, but cut it an inch longer than the circumference of the candle for the velcro. Then use your creativity to fit your style.
Hint: when working with glimmer paper, try stapling to adhere, then cover the staple with embelishments


  1. I love this idea for candle wraps. I was actually trying to think of how I could make some decorated candles for Thanksgiving without setting the house on fire while the candles burned. I noticed your candle wraps are like a belly band and not the full height of the candle. I need to start thinking outside my box of a brain. I was thinking of wrapping the whole candle. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  2. Jessica and Janet, I LOVE this idea! I am going to use these as door prizes for our upcoming stamp camp -- thanks for showing them at the St. George event :) Loving your blog!

    Mary Lynn