Helping out in a Crunch!

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Do you ever need to thank someone for helping you out at the last minute.  It happens to me all the time. Hopefully a little bit of chocolate will make their service a whole lot sweeter. These are fun size candy bars, Its hard to find them when its not halloween. You could make a tag out of it and tie it to a large candy bar too. You are welcome to print the wrappers HERE. Below are a few folding tips to make it easier.
Notice the first fold is just below the tip of the washi tape. Yep, mine are going to be yellow, thanks to my printer not liking the refilled ink cartridge. (Beware...cartridges that you refill may damage your printer. Talk to someone who knows about printers, maybe yours will be fine. Both of our printers have gone haywire after we refilled a cartridge)
Fold the other end till it meets in the center.  Then when you tape it closed, over lap a little bit and it will hold it snug. I used card stock too.  If you used regular paper you wouldn't have to make any folds.
S&P Recipe:
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