General Conference Kit

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This idea came from my Visiting Teacher Chrissy Lee, who brings me wonderful treats like this all the time!
So of course I had to make them for mine. If you are not LDS you might be wondering what General Conference is...Twice a year we get to watch a broadcast of our church leaders as they inspire and encourage us to be more Christ like. Click HERE for more info. What is a Visiting teacher?...click HERE.
Ok, back to the cute stuff. You can download the topper HERE. The bag is filled with a personal bag of popcorn, notepad, pen, extra gum and lotion. It cost about $2.00 a kit if you can get a good deal on the lotion. The penas and little pads of paper were in the school supplies on clearance(I always pick some up when I find a good deal.) I could only find the small packs of extra gum at Dollar Tree. And make sure you get the Jolly Time brand of popcorn, the other brands personal size packages were as big as a regular bag. Have fun!
S&P Recipe:
6" x 8" Cellophane bags (102210)


  1. Hello, I just wanted to let you know that the link to your printout leads to a site with mild pornography and it is missing the file. I know you can't control the banners but just a heads up.

  2. Was this corrected yet (the link) before I click on it??

    1. I just tried to click on it and got a virus warning.