Valentine Printables

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Need a valentine idea? I saw on a local morning show this idea. You put a little something in a bag to open every hour of the day. I took it a little bit further and made little tags to go with each little treat that he loves. Now I know I picked them for my hubby, but I bet it's not a stretch to think that your man might like the same things too. A few of them you could adapt or even use them individually. Go ahead and print out your own then just add a heart or two to cute it up. I was lazy and just stuck the tags to the treat with Delicate Details Lace Tape.

love u every hour of the day-1

love u every hour of the day-2

Need some more? Here are the Valentines that my kids are sending this year.  The sticky hearts and mazes are from Oriental Trading. Sorry about the pictures, still having camera issues. But the tags should print out great! Have fun!

amazing valentine

stuck on you valentine

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