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Pin It I know it has been awhile. Here is what we have been working on...
We are calling them Creative Journals. A book all about me. Shelly showed one she made at Stampin' Ups convention last July and we fell in love.  It is a combination of a journal and a scrapbook using an old book, it could be a favorite or just a random one picked up at thrift shop. There are so many possibilities too.  You could make one with Christmas memories, favorite quotes, things you are grateful for, spiritual thoughts, childhood memories... I could go on and on. I will be adding more. I have a whole stack of them.  Here is a page of one of my cute girls from this book.
There are no rules. You can stamp, scribble, paste, color. You can use "acrylic gesso" to cover the words on pages, or make the cover of the book stamp-able. I like to just draw over the top. I filled this book with people, places and things that I love. The hardest part of this book was finding pictures of me to put in it. I'm always the one taking the pictures, guess I better had the camera to my hubby once in awhile.
For this book I made a digital print for the cover and a page of little embellishment to place inside. You are welcome to download it!My Amazing Life book- CoverMy Amazing Life book-embellishments I offset the cover so that it would work for any size book.  Just trim as needed. Below is the best glue for it.
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Now I just have to decide which book to post tomorrow.... Have fun trying one of these!
Just added this tip- You will need to cut out several pages to make room for all the pictures and embellishments you will be adding. I just use a ruler and exacto knife to cut about 5 pages out several times throughout the book. You can see in this picture where I cut them out.

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  1. I LOVE this idea! And will most definitely be making one!
    I'd love for you to share this at my link party! http://rainbowsandhoneysuckle.blogspot.com/2013/01/craft-yourself-crazy-link-party-2.html