Santa Beard Card

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Have you sent your list to Santa yet? There should be plenty of room on this card to list all of the things you want. It is perfect how the beard cleverly pokes under the nose to hold it closed

S&P Recipe:
Delicate designs folder (127023)
Elegant lines folder (119277)
Labels Collection framelites (125598)


  1. What a cute project! I can see all sorts of possibilities with this project. If you don't mind my asking, what size did you cut the paper?

  2. Oh My Goodness! I would absolutely love to know what the measurements are for your adorable Santa beard card! He's just perfect! Thanks so much Ü

  3. The red piece in the back is 4-1/4 x 5-1/2. The beard is 4-1/4 x 11. The folds of the beard are at 3-3/4, 3-1/2, 3-3/4. Hope that helps!

    1. Hello Jessica
      I cant get the measurements above for beard to work on the scoring folds. Just wondering if I'm missing something
      Could you reply back?
      Such a cute card - Thank you

    2. I think you actually score at 3.75 and 8.25

  4. You're a DOLL! Thanks so much....he's honestly the cutest Santa card ever. Have a very Merry Christmas, Jessica! *Ü*

  5. Do you have directions for this adorable card?