Frightfully Cute Frame

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Now on to the HOLIDAYS!!!!!
We have so many fun things to show you...I can't wait!
I wish you could see this in person. It is so FRIGHTFULLY CUTE!
It was really hard to get a good picture because we sprayed the glass with Looking Glass spray to give it a reflective spooky look. If I took the picture head on, my spooky refection would distract from the cute little guys hanging on there. I had to put up several white boards and take the picture at a certain angle to block everything out. You'll have to just trust me on how cool it looks. You can spray a little or a lot, depending on the look you want.
A little bit of drippiness and splotches add to the effect a lot. The glass I show below has a little more spray on it that the one above.  I think it depends on the background you want to use too.  I liked the more colorful and busy backgrounds with more spray and the more subtle brick with a lighter spray.
Now on to the cute part of the frame... Those little guys are pretty simple, stamp, aqua paint and punch. We had to add our own hat to the little scare crow.

S&P Recipe:
Cookie Cutter Halloween stamp set (w...142252, c...142255)
Cookie Cutter Builder punch (140396)

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