Valentine Candy Dispenser

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How fun is this! My 8 and 11 girls were in awe! In fact it really is easy enough for them to do. You will need a 4" x 8 1/2"for the base. Really you could do any height. 3x4 piece for the bottom. and a 4x4 piece for the lid. Below I marked the score lines with black, then the white dashes are where you will cut. The Simply Scored Tool is a must for this project. Shelly Shoultes made this one for us.
The following picture shows where you punch your 2" circle. It's about 2/3 of the way down.
Next, glue the sides of your base together.
Then the bottom piece.
Slide the bottom piece in while the glue is still wet.
Push it all the way to the back and hold it down for a bit, while it dries.
Here's how you glue the lid.
Here it is open with the lid on it.
Here it is closed! Now, just embellish it!
S&P Recipe:
Simply Scored Scoring Tool (122334)
Groovy Love stamp set (w...134243, c...134246)
Stacked with Love DSP Stack (137779)

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