4 letter Word Game

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Looking for a fun game to do with a big group. This is the game you are looking for. It only uses 13 people, but watching the game being played is the most fun. You would think spelling a four letter word would be easy...not when one of the letters are on your back. (and sometimes there are two many cooks in the kitchen.)
How to play: Each team has 6 players, after the word is called out, the two remaining players must be sitting to claim the win. There are 48 words listed with game.  You can do as many as you like, but always end with the last word.  It's STOP, and since you can't spell that word with any of the letters, eventually they figure that out and have a good laugh!  4 letter word game download

4 letter word game downloa
Made with My Digital Studio Try it for 30 days for free! If you like it, right now it's only $19.95.  Plus new downloads are available every week!


  1. this is seriously the best game and you made the signs so cute!

  2. Our family loves playing games together (the louder, the better). This looks like so much fun but I didn't see any directions or word list, just your darling letter cards.

  3. Glad you like it! The words and instructions are there with the letters.

  4. Do you still have the instructions and words available for download? The link displayed is invalid.